We aim for unification by simplifying the finding of local event, volunteer, and donation opportunities.

We believe that community is the foundation beneath any charitable organization, and that community should exist on an all-encompassing, diverse level. Between founders, 

organizations, volunteers, philanthropists, political parties, religious parties, neighbors, and anyone else who shares a sense of love and care for their community. We consider Nashville's community involvement to be one of the city's most important assets, and we look forward to growing and placing emphasis on our local nonprofits and their needs.




Founder Amy Alaways has been working and volunteering within the nonprofit sector for over 10 years. At 17 years old, her first nine-to-five job was with a nonprofit organization in her hometown, where she felt she learned a lot about the nonprofit world and the heart behind it.


She started brainstorming about Nonprofits of Nashville in January of 2019 after hosting an event for Best Buddies Tennessee, (a local organization she had been volunteering for since she moved to town in 2013). The event was held at an apartment building downtown, where residents she had never met came to help out through word of mouth. "The best part was that we had a couple of the residents' boyfriends working on flower arrangements, it doesn't get any purer than that". She described it as "harmonious", and says she was astounded by people's willingness to show up for something they knew little-to-nothing about. This is when she realized that she wanted to get serious about pulling more Nashvillians into charitable work.


The conversations that followed the event carried a similar theme. All of these people jumped at the spontaneous opportunity to get involved, but said that they otherwise wouldn't have known where, or how to get connected. This is where Amy pieced all of her nonprofit experiences together and through prayer, was given the idea to start this platform to advocate for local nonprofits, while helping plug people into volunteer opportunities. Thus, essentially becoming a local media guide focused on charity.

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